Saving Money on Eyeglasses

Buying eyeglasses can be a big expense!  There are ways to cut those costs and still have quality eyeglasses. Purchasing your eyeglasses online is one way to do this. I have tried several different online companies to purchase eyeglasses and here are the results of my experiences:  First, I tried Zenni Optical. Yes, you can save money here, but it took almost a month to receive them after ordering. They are manufactured overseas and that is why they took so long!  Also, I purchased two pairs costing a little over $100 with a coupon they were offering. One pair is still in great condition after a couple of years and the other pair are wire frames and bent out of shape now.  Second, I went with a company called Jem Optical.  I was looking for a cheap second pair after purchasing locally with my vision benefits.  The glasses arrived after about a week, but they never seemed to fit right.  They were plastic frames and I tried adjust the frames by bending on them every day to adjust the fit. Eventually, they broke and when I tried to return them, was told that they only have a 30 day return. It was beyond that time frame.  A year passed by and I signed up for vision benefits again. When I went to use the vision benefits, I found out that there are only certain companies that you can use locally that will accept and bill your vision insurance. I used the local company and ended up paying out of pocket over $100 as the vision insurance did not cover scratch coating, UV coating, etc. What did I pay for vision insurance for? It did not even cover all of the basics on the eyeglasses and I had to go to one of the most expensive vision centers.  In my opinion, vision insurance is not worth purchasing.  Recently, I decided to purchase a new pair of glasses and was researching different online companies.  I was impressed with Warby Parker with how they send you six pairs of frames to try on and the great prices that they have for a complete pair of glasses right around $100.  I received my pairs to try on, made my order, returned the frames in a postage paid box and waited for my eyeglasses. They arrived in about a week and fit perfectly. Quality eyeglasses at an affordable price! Just remember to have your eye prescription and pupil distance written down when you have your eyes checked.  This is not a sponsored post, just the author’s own personal experience.