My Kodak computer printer quit working! It would come on, but kept giving me an error message: printer error, clear all paper, Press OK to continue.  I look over that printer up and down to find any pieces of paper that might have become lodged in the printer. I found nothing!  I rebooted it a dozen times, etc. Also, I found a pool of ink near the print head. I cleaned all of that out and even put in a new cartridge, same error.  Then, I looked up the Kodak help number and they took me through a number of steps to check out the printer. They determined that it was indeed the print head and offered me a new print head and refurbished printer for $15 shipping and handling. That is it! My Kodak printer was several years old and out of warranty. This was a great deal as a new printer would have cost me anywhere from $80 on up.  I paid the $15 and received my new print head and refurbished printer in a few days. The print head just clipped in and the printer was ready to go! Keep in mind, always contact the manufacturer when you have a major purchase fail! Sometimes they will help fix it or replace it for free or minimal cost even if it is out of warranty! it doesn’t hurt to ask and save yourself some money!