Saving Money on Takeout

I have a bad habit of wanting to get take out or go out to eat, especially after a long day of work or when nothing to cook sounds good. One way to fix this is to meal plan and look up new recipes on Pinterest or Allrecipes.com.  Make a list of all the ingredients needed to shop ahead of time so you are prepared to create your meal and avoid running to the store after work. One of the restaurant worthy recipes that I found is Asiago Chicken Pasta.  Here is the link: http://juliasalbum.com/2016/02/asiago-chicken-pasta-with-sun-dried-tomatoes-and-spinach/  Boy was it yummy!  You can always cut up your chicken breasts and saute them ahead of time to save prep time when you arrive home from work.  That is one of the things that has helped me out to be able to quickly prepare supper when I come home from work. Browning hamburger; marinating chicken and grilling or browning it; marinating steak or fish; putting a roast or chicken in the crockpot; chopping up or peeling vegetables ahead of time are all time savers and can help you avoid getting take out. For that matter, you can always prepare your vegetable and side dishes ahead of time and just warm them up when you get home.  Nothing tastes better than hash brown casserole warmed up and an already prepared salad! However, if you still want takeout, make sure you that you look on retailmenot.com, groupon, living social or google the restaurant for coupons.