Saving Money with Shoe Goo

What do you do when a brand name pair of sandals suddenly breaks? Buy some shoe goo! Shoe goo cost: $6.00.  Another pair of Giani Bernini sandals: $50.  Actually, I only paid $15 for them on clearance at Dillard’s.  Nevertheless, I only had them for two years and the heels cracked along with the strap coming loose from the base.  So, I read somewhere that Shoe Goo works well to repair breaks in one’s shoes. I bought some and gave it a try.  I applied the Shoe Goo to the cracked heels and the strap that came loose, then reinserted the strap back into the shoe base. The instructions stated to let it cure for 24 hours.  I did this, then checked the shoes out.   it dried to a hard finish. Shoes are fixed and ready to wear.  Money saved from not having to buy a new pair.  I would recommend giving Shoe Goo a try.